Google Bookmarks

Do you have problems finding your Book Marks?

googleFor the longest time I have been looking for a way to store all my bookmarks in one location.  I tried to use Delicious account and found that it didn’t allow you to manage large collection of book marks.  For me knowing where to go for a specific topic is key, and I don’t have the time to try and search for it or remember which computer I was on when I went to the site.
So I have fully converted over to Google Bookmarks.  Found at

Why do I love it:

  • I can access it from anywhere in the workld (pending internet connection)
  • unlimited number of folders
  • Ability to ort and search through my bookmarks
  • I can add descriptions to my bookmarks (this is a cool feature if you can’t rember why you book marks it)
  • View them by the date you bookmarked it
  • Search trends of bookmarks
  • Export your bookmarks
  • Did I mention like most thing google offers it is FREE
  • Mulitple ways to access it
    • Web Browseer
    • Google Toolbar
    • Chrome App


Why do I hate it:

  • New Interface (Dec 2011)
  • If you have a lot of bookmarks and you are using the web interface you have to scroll to the bottom to add a bookmark
  • Some of the Apps on chrome don’t work well


A lot of reasons to Love Google Bookmarks.  It has stopped me from never knowing where a website is. I know store all my important bookmarks in Google Bookmarks.