DHCP Block List – Callout DLL

MC900434720It never fails as I’m at working looking at my DHCP lease pool I find entries for “Dave’s-iPad”, “Android123456…”, “iPod”,ect…  It is our policy that no-district equipment should get access to our network.  This includes out wireless network.  What is happening is that students find the wireless access points that I use on Laptop carts and reset them.  Then they just lo-gin with out restriction.  

The most logical way to solve this problem is removing the WAP from student access.  I would love to place them in the ceiling or where students don’t have access, but that is a budget request that I have been turned down for.  So as a way to discourage students from accessing the network I have implemented a DHCP block list.


This has been implemented within a Windows 2008 server for DHCP, but don’t exists for the windows 2003.  Or at least it isn’t support in an update by Microsoft.  The answer still comes from Microsoft as they have released the a version of the DHCP call-out.   Download the files DHCP Call-out

How it works Video Tutorial!




MAC Address Look Up Websites

Mac Address Look Up

Mac Find


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This method has its flaws when it comes to security and bypassing it.  It will not stopp anyone who is determined, but It will stop the every day user.  Their are several ways around it.

1.) Set your own IP address

2.) Spook a Mac Address of a known network device that has access.