WPKG – Building Packages

Building packages with WPKG – Advance Tutorial.

The purpose of this tutorial is to give guidance on how to create WPKG packages.  It will discusses how to use the check commands, the install commands.  It will give you a general overview of how to use and created packages.  I will also look at checking files for silent install switches.  Then we will put it all together!


This video will teach you how to identify the different parts of the WPKG package.

The Package with its

id – unique to each package – used in the profile to identify the install package.

name – Used as a full name

revision – used to show the current working revision.  WPKG uses this vs. the local copy and will install updates automatically.

reboot – tells it to reboot the computer

priority – a custom, but relative number for prioritizing your package installs

execute – once or always


Registry – checks a registry condition for information

File – checks if a file exists r looks at file information like version number

UnInstall – checks the uninstall registry – needs to have the execute name of the program as it exists in the uninstall

Execute – Runs a scripts and waits for a return

Logical – A logical check can check several of the above to determine install status



Install – executes a script, msi, command, or executable

Upgrade – executes a script, msi, command, or executable (for a revision update)

Uninstall – removes applications if removed from a profile







Download the Universal Silent Switch Finder as used in my video here!

Universal Silent Switch Finder