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Google has launched their google drive website.


Google Drive Video:





Here is a summary of what google has listed on their site:

Keep everything Share everything

5 Gb free

Here is a screen shot of google docs:  notice the amount of storage.


This has been upgraded from the 1gb it had in the past.

upgrade to 25Bg for $2.50 a month

They also changed to a monthly payment schdule from a yearly

Storage Monthly Rate
25 GB $2.49
100 GB $4.99
200 GB $9.99
400 GB $19.99
1 TB $49.99
2 TB $99.99
4 TB $199.99
8 TB $399.99
16 TB $799.99

Access  Everywhere

  • On PC and Mac
  • iPhone and iPad (Coming SOON)
  • Android Devices

Store your Files in a safe Place

  • Your files will always be accessible


  • Edit Documents together – from any device
  • Instant access for editing and working together.
  • Start Discussion – get feedback

Integrate with Google

  • Gmail
  • Google +
  • Easily Share with anyone

Powerful Search

  • Search all your files and use filter by types, owner, and more.

And More

  • Open 30 different file tips including HD Videos. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files.
  • Access every change you have ever made. (30 days or forever) your choice.

Google Drive – On Google Play (Google Market)

  • Share with other android apps


The services hasn’t goon live yet.  It offers you the chance to sign up to receive a news letter.