The App Builder


  • Supports iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone Windows 8 and HTML5 compatible devices.
  • Quick Start Widget
  • Have your app up within mins
  • Insert your own Logo, splash screen, icons and color scheme.
  • live updating –

Easy of Use

The building wizard has a great look and feel as you navigate through it.


The use of  



pics-TheAppBuilderIt does a really good job at displaying your images in a nice clean gallery.

Shows you what it looks like “LIVE”.


It only allows for YouTube Channels to be uploaded.  If you are using video’s from here and there then this app isn’t for you.

Easy section for uploading Pics for splash screen and APP icons.

Hidden Fee – $50 one time fee – or $5 a month.

How to under Promote doesn’t contain a full list.  Most say coming soon.

No instant preview of your apps root directory.


Free Version – no publishing to android or Apple store.

There is only one layout option.

You can’t upload your own icon…

Sample : 

Their example page can be located here. Example Apps



{sfx rss=’’ display=’album’ }




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