Thinking about building Mobile App Online

Building an app can be hard.  Even harder can be knowing how to get started.  I have brought together a list of features that you can expect to see from online app building tools.  These questions will help you understand which online tool is best for you.

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  • Does it need a lot of features?
  • Is the purpose to just give out information?
  • Do you need to except credit cards?
  • Do you want to sell products?
  • Do you want to show videos / pictures?
  • Do you need the app to work on Android for phone and tablet?
  • Does your app need to work on IOS (iPad, iPhone)?
  • Does your app need to work with Facebook, HTML5 or chrome store?
  • Do you need to send push notifications?
  • Do you need to create more than one?
  • Are you OK with someone putting ads on your app?
  • Do you need to put apps onto your apps to generate an income?
  • Do you want custom templates?
  • Do you need to generate detailed analytics for your app?
  • Does your app need to work when not connected to the internet?

Clearly their are a lot of things to consider when building your mobile application.  Getting a good idea of the features your looking for will help you to know which online app building tool is right for you.  Some of feature packed, but require a sizable financial investment to make them worth it.

This doesn’t take into account the content that you will need to place into the app.  I have been building websites for a long time and the number hurdle that I face with each project is does the client have the content to support their ideas?  If you are  thinking about building a app I would recommend knowing what you want it to do and the content that you want to use with it.  Checklist for Mobile App Features

I have create and attached an one page questionnaire that will help you organize your thoughts and to understand the App that you want to build. You can use this template with my App Compare page to get an idea of the online tool you will need to use.