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Free Tools I can’t live without

Every administrator has those list of tools that they can’t live without.  Here is the list of tools that I can’t live without.


NotePad ++ notepadplusplus


I use this program when ever I need to edit any type of documents.  I find that Notepad++ does a much better job displaying and editing different types of documents.  I have used notepad plus plus to build websites, write scripts and even just displaying raw data.

Download Here

Advance IP Scanner


Download Here

Google Chrome


Chrome is by far my favorite web browser so so many reasons.  Lots of Addons, ability to customize, fast application, fast web browsing,  and the anility to have tons of tabs open all at once without crashing your computer.

Download Here

Chrome – Firebug


If you are a web developer or designer you will want to add this to you collection of chrome addons.

Download Here

VirtualBox –


Im always looking to test software and applications without harming my computer.  So I use virtual box to sandbox myself from any negative effects.  Also the ability to snapshot, makes upgrading worry free.  You can also find things like, running mac os on windows, running android 4.1, chrome book, and more.

Download Here



If you have lots of web sites you manage, this will help you stay oraganized.  With the abiliy to export all connects to an xml that you can store ( i place mine in dropbox)  so i can access anywhere.

Download Here