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Should you get the CISSP certification


Thinking about getting the CIsSP Certification?  Your not alone…

The CISSP is the standard cert. for getting into the IT security industry.  While I currently don’t have a CISSP, I did get the GIAC 2700 (which is similar).   As i have considered getting this cert, I think about several questions.

1.  Will this certification help my long term goals?


2.  What pull does this certificate have within the industry?

3.  Is it in demand?

4.  What is the cost of this certificate?

5.  What short term goals will it fulfill?

6.  If I get it will i get paid more?

Will this certification help my long term goals? Is it in demand?

To answer these questions I start my research into finding out if its in demands within the industry.  I do this by dataminingg the job search boards like monster, careerbuilder and  (if you haven’t heard of dice…  read this article)  i will perform searches like this…..



I will then look at the results, and determine its demand in the industry.  You can place it next to another certification, that you would expect to preform well.  For example do some searches for CompTia A+.  Which is a universal certification….  This should give you a better understanding of its demand.

What pull does this certificate have within the industry?
Examples:  pwc, raymond james, dtcc, tacas……..

Will you get paid more?
This questions comes down to the organization you work for.  So will pay more while others will not.  If you are looking for a career advancement, then there is a good chance that picking the certification can lead to a salary increase in your next job change.

What short term goals will it fulfill?
Are you trying to get a new job?  Are you looking to get into the Information Security industry?  These are the answers you need to ask yourself.  The CISSP is a great certification that is is highly sought after within the industry.

Bottom line!!!

This is for you to determine…