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Against my better judgment… I Love Windows 8

windows-8-lock-screenrtm-13449732446 months ago I can remember saying things like “I will never upgrade to windows 8, I love windows 7”, or “You have windows 8, I’m so Sorry”, and “You want a start menu…  um… download one to “hack” your computer:.  I think the worst of it was when my father in law got a computer, and I told him, “You can’t come to me for help, I’m sorry I don’t want anything to do with windows 8”.  I’m unsure if these times where happier times for me.  Now that has been said…  “I love windows 8”, and here is why.


Windows 8, while a little confusing if you aren’t on a touch devices has lots of hidden gems. I will share with you the things that has made owning windows 8 so much fun.  I will also take some time to speak to the few things that still frustrate me about windows 8.  Fun thing that most of the reviews online focus on the bad parts of windows 8… This is why I would like to take some time to focus on the really good points to windows 8.




hard to understand at first (boot menu)

Booting flash drives




The Home Screen

Fast searches



Super fast


Touch “if you have it”

games for kids

no more mic