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BYOD – How to Start

So you want to allow students and Teachers to bring their own devices onto your network! There are a number of considerations that you will need to take into consideration in order to accomplish this goal while maintaining the security and integrity of your network.   Things to consider The Wireless Infrastructure of your existing

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CompTia A+ Certification

This article will outline tools for review before taking your CompTia A+ Certification. I hope that you find this page helpful.  If you have more resources to add, please let me know.   CompTia Website for A+ Certification    Practice Questions Free free-a-plus-practice-tests A_Certification_Practice_Exams A+   Practice Questions Paid

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Google has launched their google drive website. Google Drive Video:       Here is a summary of what google has listed on their site: Keep everything Share everything 5 Gb free Here is a screen shot of google docs:  notice the amount of storage. This has been upgraded from the 1gb it had

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VBS Script – Encryption and Decryption

I found the following way to protect your script code from prying eyes.  This isn’t the strongest encryption, can it can be broken.  It does stop someone from viewing your code.  Where this will work for me is in use for student scripts.  I can encrypt the information and know that they can’t just open

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VBS shutdown remote computers

Here is a script that I wrote that will in short: Shutdown remote computers. I have been searching online for a script that did a great job of shutting down remote computers.  I wanted it to do several things while before shutting down the computers. Pull the list of computers from AD – pulling them

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Automate Renaming and Joining a domain using vbs

This script will do the following: Rename the computer Copy the script locally Set a task to execute the script in 2 mins Restart the computer When the script runs again (number3) it will see that the computer name matches the “domain” plus services tag serial and join it to the domain restart the computer

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Multiboot USB Disk that does everything

Multiboot USB Disk that does everything Download Yumi  Using Yumi to give you the edge for USB boot Disks.    List of Supported boot Disks   YUMI can create a Bootable UFD containing the following     HP SmartStart, HP Firmware Maintenance, and HP Automatic Firmware Update Tools F-Secure Rescue CD Fuduntu Slacko Puppy 5.3

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Back Door Admin Discovery and Removal

Scenario: You are working with a computer in your domain and you discover a unknown user account in the document and settings or users (windows 7) folder of the computer.  You search your Active Directory for that user and don’t find them.  You then check the local computer users and computers to find that this

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Learning Visual Basic Scripting Variable Scope

My experiences with VBS Scripting.   You can’t be a System Admin in the School systems for very long without using a vbs script to get something done.  We use a wide variety of scripts to help maintain our control over the hundreds of computers that we are faced with. I have even used scripts

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Shadow Copy

Windows Shadow Copy is a Volume Copy Service (VVS) that works on Microsoft Windows.  IT allows you as an administrator to create a daily backup schedule.  And have it accessible to end users with little training. I work with Servers everyday, and it always happens where someone deletes a file or folder and they come

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