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IOC’s changing formal

In a webinar Feb  21st 2013 Mandiant had a discussion about the future of their OpenIOC Framework. The OpenIOC is an extensible XML schema for the description of technical characteristics that identify a known threat, an attackers methodology, or other evidence of compromise.  Open IOC was created by mandiant, a Security company located in Virginia. 

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Should you get the CISSP certification

  Thinking about getting the CIsSP Certification?  Your not alone… The CISSP is the standard cert. for getting into the IT security industry.  While I currently don’t have a CISSP, I did get the GIAC 2700 (which is similar).   As i have considered getting this cert, I think about several questions. 1.  Will this certification

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Not! Why you get dual screen monitors

This is not why I spent 1 hour installing a dual screen monitor on your desktop!  They weren’t sure that they where going to use them.  Turns out they did use them!   Gotta Love people…  Don’t think I will ever forget this one! I did remove the second monitor from this station.    

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VBScript – Automate Joining domain and changing name

This script will do the following: Rename the computer Checks to see if name matchs what you want it to be “domain-” plus the computer services tag Set a task to execute the script again in 2 mins Restart the computer When the script runs again (number3) it then joins the domain  delete itself from

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Google Bookmarks

Do you have problems finding your Book Marks? For the longest time I have been looking for a way to store all my bookmarks in one location.  I tried to use Delicious account and found that it didn’t allow you to manage large collection of book marks.  For me knowing where to go for a

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WPKG Software Deployment Overview

WKPG Overview First question, What is WPKG? As defined on their website: WPKG is an automated software deployment, upgrade and removal program for Windows. WPKG always you install software onto any number of hosts intelligently. I have been using it for several years and use it on over 3,000 machines. I will discuss the basics

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